Government - Municipal

Woodlands County
Contact: Luc Mercier, CAO
Phone: 778-8400, Fax: 778-8402
Address: Box 60, 1 Woodlands Lane, T7S 1N3
Email: admin@woodlands.ab.ca
Website: www.woodlands.ab.ca

Description: Woodlands County administration handles taxes, development, road use and maintenance for those citizens residing in the Woodlands jurisdiction. Owners and operators of the Whitecourt Airport.

County of Lac Ste Anne
Contact: Len Syzbunka, Municipal Administrator
Trista Poffenroth,Director Recreation/FCSS Department
Phone: 785-3411 Fax: 785-2359
Address: Box 219, Sangudo, AB TOE 2AO
Email: isac@gov.lacsteanne.ab.ca
Website: www.gov.lacsteanne.ab.ca

Description: Lac Ste. Anne County Recreation & FCSS Department exists to create a healthy, strong community by meeting the leisure and social needs of the community. They offer an opportunity for community groups that provide FCSS mandated programs to apply for grant funding to support such. Also acting as a liaison for community
groups, organizations and the public, for purposes of resource information, consultation and community development.

Town of Whitecourt
Administration & Corporate Service Departments
Contact: Peter Smyl, CAO
Phone: 778-2273 Fax: 778-4166
Address: 5004-52 Ave., Box 509, T7S 1N6
Email: administration@whitecourt.ca
Website: www.whitecourt.ca

Description: Located in the main office of the Town administration building, the Administration and Corporation Services Departments is responsible for municipal taxes, utilities, dog licensing, coordination of elections, bylaws, minutes, budget assessment, coordination of protective services, etc. Please call us for more information during office hours, which are 8:30 to 12 Noon, and 1 to 4:30 p.m., Monday to

Planning and Development
Contact: Peter Yackulic, Director
Phone: 778-2273 Fax: 778-2062
Address: 5004-52 Ave. Box 509, T7S 1N6
Email: planning@whitecourt.ca
Website: www.whitecourt.ca

Description: Located on the second floor of the Town Administration building, a variety of services are provided by the Planning, Public Works and Utilities departments.
- Responsible for the granting of development and building
permits, ensuring that conditions are met according to the
Alberta Building Codes and Land Use Bylaw
- Assists contractors, developers and consulting engineers related to any subdivision development, capital works and budgets=
- General engineering support staff, developers and the public
- Town mapping
- Supply and treat water supply
- infrastructure construction and maintenance

Community Services Department
Contact: Jay Granley, Director
Address: Box 5004 - 52 Ave., Box 509, T7S 1N6
Phone: 778-6300/6610 Fax: 778-2062
Email: communityservices@whitecourt.ca
Website: www.whitecourt.ca

Description: Community Services provides assistance and consultation to the public and community groups - regarding facility / open space development, grants, fund raising, and issues affecting Parks and Recreation for FCSS. Employees in this department are eager to answer all general inquiries and act as an information referral service to provide information for a wide variety of community programs and

Government - Provincial

Sustainable Resource Development - Land & Forest Division
South West Region
Phone: 778-7153 or 778-7165 Fax:778-5538
Address: Provincial Building 5020 52 Ave., T7S 1N2
Website: www.gov.ab.ca/srd/

Description: Land or timber issues in Whitecourt area and fire permits for the area

Fish and Wildlife Division
Contact: Fay Roszko
Phone: 778-7112 Fax:778-7234
Address: Provincial Building 5020 52 Ave., T7S 1N2
Email: fay.roszko@gov.ab.ca

Description: Fishing and hunting inquiries
Woodlands Forest Area
Phone: 778-7153 Fax: 778-5538
780-427-FIRE (780-427-3473)

Natural Resources Service
Address: Provincial Building 5020 52 Ave.. T7S 1N2
Website: www.gov.ab.ca/srd/

Description: Land use and timber permits

Alberta Solicitor General - Correctional Services
Division - Whitecourt Probation Office
Contact: Maria J. Skinner, Probation Officer
Contact: Sarah Baskerville, Probation Officer
Phone: 778-7127 Fax: 778-7235
Address: Provincial Building 5020 52 Ave., T7S 1N2

Description: Court ordered supervision

Government Services - Consumer Information
Phone: 427-4088
Contact: 3rd Floor, Commerce Building
10155 102 St., Edmonton, T5J 4L4

Description: Landlord and tenant information

Motor Vehicle Branch - Alberta Registries
Phone: 778-2404 Fax: 778-8997
Address: Box 570, 5104 Hwy St., T7S 1N4

Description: Corporate registries, land titles, personal properties, vital statistics and motor vehicle registrations

Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)
Contact: Darrell Shuell
Phone: 538-5575 Fax: 538-6256
Address: 500 Nordic Court, 10014 - 99 Street
Grande Prairie T8V 3N4
Email: darrell.shuell@gov.ab.ca

Description: The OPG assists adult Albertans who are unable to make personal decisions because of a mental disability or illness

Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)
Contact: Mary-Jo Husby
Phone: 778-7180 Fax: 778-7137
Address: Box 749, T7S 1N7
202 Midtown Mall
Email: maryjo.husby@gov.ab.ca

Description: Provide assistance to persons with develop-
mental disabilities and their families and identify needs and
access services to meet them

Human Resources & Employment

Contact: Garry Duke, Area Manager
Tony Puim, Supervisor
Phone: 778-7149 Fax: 778-7137
Address: Box 749, T7S 1N7
202 Midtown Mall, 5115 - 49 St.
Email: tony.puim@gov.ab.ca

Description: Contributes to the Alberta Advantage by working with partners to provide a continuum of service that assists people in need, helping individuals succeed in the workforce and foster safe and healthy workplaces.

North Cental Alberta Child and Family Services
Authority #11 - Whitecourt Office
Contact: Nancy Yee, Crisis & Support Manager
Myma Woyewoda, Acting Supervisor
Randy Landry, Resources for Children with Disabilities
Phone: 778-7172 or 310-0000
24 Hour Child Abuse Hotline
1-800-387-KIDS (387-5437) Fax: 778-7222
Address: Box 749, T7S 1N7

Child protection service to children and families who meet the legislation requirements of the Child Welfare Act. Adoption, foster care, and handicapped children services provided