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Please call Dan at 778-3949 if you are interested in volunteering for developing this project.

For the test phase of Whitecourt Dollars the accepting merchants are: CyberVision Computers, Tiddlee Winx Toys n Stuff, Totally Covered, Community Advisor, OZ MediaWorks and Whitecourt Workwear.

Anti-counterfeiting features include special paper, indented serial numbers, an embossed seal, two actual signatures in pen etc. These features, combined with the limited dollars in circulation for the test phase, and the penalties for such fraud, would make counterfeiting efforts for this currency not worthwhile.

The above is a work in progress. Please send in any suggestions for the front photo to . The idea is to have the money the same colour as the Canadian currency that this local currency is meant to complement.

The following is based on other local currency efforts.

The Whitecourt Dollars initiative is designed to complement the Canadian money system with a community currency which will provide:

  • an additional source of income for individuals
  • a promotional tool for area businesses
  • a medium of exchange for organizations wishing to share resources and improve accessibility to their services.

Whitecourt Dollars is modelled on leading Canadian efforts such as the Toronto Dollar and the Calgary Dollars of Calgary.

$1.00 Whitecourt is equivalent to $1.00 Canadian.

Mission Statement

Whitecourt Dollars is an initiative to bring together local talents and resources to strengthen our local economy and build community.

Statement of Principles

Building a healthy community means incorporating social, economic and environmental principles in an ethical, inclusive and sustainable manner.

We believe:

  • in the skills, talents and capabilities of all people
  • in promoting financial additions to the globalized economy which encourage local, decentralized decision making.
  • in a healthy economy which is rooted in a healthy ecosystem.
  • in producing and consuming locally where most efficient and effective, to promote both local accountability and global health.
  • in celebrating local history, culture and honouring diversity.
  • in an economy in which that which is physically possible and productive, can become financially possible through the issuance of a complementary medium of exchange and store of value.

Who are we?

We are a volunteer run project who want to help people to help themselves. In the future we may publish a Barter Bulletin insert, to help connect individuals and businesses who will accept Whitecourt Discount Dollars in payment for their goods and services. Community currency empowers us all by increasing our purchasing power, improving our quality of life, and helping us to strengthen our communities.

How Does It Work?

  • Merchants or others who choose to accept Whitecourt Dollars can either spend them, or cash them in and receive 90 cents Canadian for $1.00 Wct.
  • You can also purchase Whitecourt Dollars at selected sites at $1 Cdn for $1 Wct. 90 cents of this will be held in reserve for each $1 Wct. The additional 10 cents will be donated to non-profit community service organizations.
The Whitecourt Dollars project is designed to help build respect, integrity and trust into all community currency transactions.

"I've used local currency for groceries, gifts, video rentals, movies, meals, books, pottery, chiropractic care, shoe repair, photocopies, computer printer ribbons, a wrist rest, faxes, haircuts, pizza, theatre tickets, dance lessons and yoga lessons. I repaid a loan I owed with HOURS, too.” – Elizabeth, from Ithaca New York