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First Nations Resource Centre
Contact: Rosemary Aginas, 778-3355 Fax: 778-2427
Address: 211 Midtown Mall, Box 870, T7S 1N8

Description: Status card applications, membership applications, tax exemption applications, resumes, job search and safety ticket (provided to registered status Indians)

Labour Information
Phone: 427-3731
Address: Sterling Place, 9940 - 106 St.
Edmonton, AB, T5K 2N2

The Employment Place Too
Contact: Josie Handfield, Manager
Phone: 706-3500 Fax:706-3501
Address: Room 206, Midtown Mall,
5015 - 49 St., Box 454, T7S 1P8

Description: Job search assistance, resumes, cover let-
ters, interview skills, labour market information, job
referrals, career counseling, employment counseling,
employment insurance applications and assistance.

Career Information Hotline
Phone: 1-800-661-3753 Fax: 422-5319
E Mail: hotline@alis.gov.ab.ca

Providing any information needed regarding
career, educational options and funding. Support service
to answer questions that are employment related. Provide
an overview of all government programs and services in
the career development field for all Albertans. All ser-
vices are provided over the phone, email or fax. Offer
TDD for the hard of hearing.

Youth Connections
Contact: KristeinO'Neil, 778-2847 Fax: 778-2829
Email: koneil@yebdc.ab.ca
Address: 4723 - 50 Ave,. Box 2185, T7S 1P8

Description: The objective of Youth Connections is to
offer career education and job/work options to youth
aged 16 to 24,