Also see Community Services tab above for Youth and other clubs.

Boys & Girls Club of Whitecourt & District
Contact: Program Coordinator 778-6696
Address: 76 Sunset Boulevard
P.O. Box 2053,
Whitecourt, AB T7S 1P7

OUR MISSION - To provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.
Description: Past programs have included hosting of the 2007 annual Easter Egg Hunt, workshops on theatre, intramural sports, and sending members to conferences such as the YOUCAN Leadership conference in Ottawa. During the school year we offer an After School Program, Ages 6-12 from 3:15pm to 6:00pm. On Friday and Saturday nights we offer a semi formal structured Teen night for the ages of 12-17 with activities such as Guest speakers on health issues or career choices, movies, dances, karaoke, crafts, floor hockey, pool and ping pong tournaments and much more. Please watch for our monthly calendar that is out the first week of every month.

Beta Sigma Phi (Xi Alpha Epsilon)
Beta Sigma Phi is an international women’s friendship network. It provides educational programs to its members and opportunities for service to others. We are women of all ages, interests and educational and economic background and are the largest organization of our kind in the world.

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Christmas Hamper Committee
Contact: Phyllis Tomlinson
Phone: 778-2967
Contact: Elaine Gunderson
Phone: 778-3213
Address: Box 1620, T7S 1P4
To provide food, vouchers, clothing and gifts for those less able to provide for themselves at Christmas.

Kinsmen Club of Whitecourt
Contact: Jan Moroz
Phone: 778-4922
Address: 3531 – 37 Ave. Box 353, T7S 1L7
Serving the communities greatest needs.

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Oil Wives Club of Whitecourt
Contact: Jackie Runge
Phone: 778-2229
Address: Box 265, T7S 1N4
As the Oil Wives Club of Whitecourt, we understand relocation and how hard it may be meet people in a new Town. Our motto is fostering friendship. We meet the second Tuesday of every month to meet new people and perhaps life long friends.

Repeat Boutique
Contact: Elaine Gunderson
Phone: 778-3213
Address: 4716 – 50 Avenue / Box 1101, T7S 1P1
Second hand store offering clothing and all household items. Run and operated by the volunteers of the Friends of Whitecourt Society (Hospital Auxiliary). Store Hours: Wednesday & Saturday, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Always looking for new volunteers!

Rotary Club
Contact: Rotary Club
Address: Box 2262, Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N8
Rotary meets every Thursday at the Road House at noon. The Rotary Club has four areas of service – club, international, community and vocational service. Rotary is comprised of business owners and professional people from all walks of life. Rotary is involved in student exchange; work in third world nations, community development, etc.

Website: www.clubrunner.ca/CPrg/Home/homeD.asp?cid=489

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #44
Contact: Erin Childs
Phone: 778-3666 Fax: 778-4923
Address: Box 874, T7S 1N8
Email: erinearly@hotmail.com
The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization. We have entertainment and a wholesome family dinner every other week prepared by the Legion volunteers and open to the public. The proceeds from these dinners and other fundraisers flow back to the community.

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Welcome Wagon
Contact: Barbra Landsberg
Phone: 778-6654
Address: c/o 14 Allan Place, T7S 1R5
Email: lothland@telusplanet.net
Welcoming new people to our community as well as new additions to families.

Whitecourt & District Agricultural Society
Contact: Cathy Wiltsie
Phone: 779-4343
Address: Box 1183, T7S 1P1
Encourages improvement in agriculture and the quality of life for the people living in rural communities by providing programs, courses, events, services and facilities.

Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 778-5363 778-2351 (fax)
Address: 3002 – 33 Street (Forest Interpretive Centre) Box 1011, T7S 1N9
Email: wctcc@telusplanet.net
Website: www.whitecourtchamber.com
The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary association that brings the business community together into one single influential and respected voice.

Whitecourt and District Heritage Society
Contact: John Dahl
Phone: 778-2214 Fax: 706-2284
Rentals: 778-2214
Address: 3002 – 33 St., Box 510, T7S 1N6
Non-profit, volunteer organization. Offering 2 boardrooms for rental purposes located at the Forest Interpretive Centre. Gift shop and museum.

Whitecourt Firefighter's Association
Contact: Roger Humby
Phone: 778-2342 (Fire Hall)
The Firefighters Association does some fundraising for new equipment and is involved in the educational programming offered through the Firehall.

The Whitecourt Woodlands Flying Club has been established to create the opportunity to obtain flight training in Whitecourt for fixed wing  aircraft. We have also Created the "Wings Over Whitecourt" air show to raise  funds towards this goal, and like to think of ourselves as a fun,  friendly social club.

For more information see our website at: www.whitecourtflyingclub.com

Whitecourt Freecycle
Freecycle is an entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own town. It was started in May 2003 to help reduce the amount of stuff taken to landfills when it still might have use in it for someone else. Thier motto is 'Changing the world one gift at a time'. Membership is free, all you have to do is sign up.
Web Address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/whitecourtabfreecycle/

Whitecourt Lion's Club
Contact: Gerald Stimson
Phone: 778-3258
Contact: Ray Leadley
Phone: 778-4665
Address: Box 1393, T7S 1P3
Sponsors for Air Cadets. Help local clubs, fire victims, the sight impaired, etc., through financial donations or gifts in kind.

Whitecourt Masonic Lodge
Contact: Don Hands
Phone: 778-2353
Address: c/o 4718 Sakwatamau Dr. T7S 1E1
Fraternal worldwide organization.

Whitecourt Petroleum Association
Contact: Gerald Merrifield
Phone: 780-778-6651
The Whitecourt Petroleum Association was started with a view to bringing together various existing efforts by local companies for both fun events and community service projects. The Oilmens' Golf Tourament and Curling Bonspiel are too major events run by this organization.

For more see our website at: thewpa.ca

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St. Patrick’s Anglican Church
Phone: 780-778-6585
Address: 4903 – 52 Ave.
Mailing Address: Box 2171, T7S 1P8
Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Sunday (please call for an updated time). Christian education programs (adults, youth, children), pastoral care. Hall rentals available.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Address: 47 Street & Flats Road
Phone: 778-3773 or 778-3311

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Evangelical Free Church
Contact: Pastor Don Shortt
Phone: 778-3113 (c)
Address: 32 Whitecourt Ave, T7S 1H3
Email: shorttrd@hotmail.com

Worship and Sunday School held Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. Bible study groups available. Awana Children's Ministry.

Family Worship Centre
Contact: Senior Pastor Dallas Bidell
Youth Pastor Andy Fawcett
Phone: 778-2572 (c)

Address: 4220 Elko Drive (behind Tim Horton’s), Box 80, T7S 1N3
Worship held Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. Bible study groups available for all ages. Youth events every Friday night at 7:00 p.m.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
Contact: Andrew Zimmerman
Phone: 778-3027(c)
Address: 35 Lyons Crescent, T7S 1B9

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Skyview Alliance Church
Contact: Reverend Harold Bakker
Phone: 778-6806 (c) 778-2658(h)
Address: Alliance Church, currently meeting at Percy Baxter School (#1 Mink Creek Rd)
Services: Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. for Kid Zone and worship. Care groups held throughout the week. “Get To Know You Luncheon” held the 4th Sunday of each month.

St. James Lutheran Church
Contact: Tim Burns
Address: 55 Sunset Blvd., T7S 1H4
Phone: 778-2055 (c) Fax: 778-2055
Email: maranatha@vennercs.com
Services held Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
Phone: (780) 396-0228 (Office)
Phone: (780) 778-2152 (Rectory)
Address:  5538 Mink Creek Rd T7S 1M9
Box 1677  Whitecourt  AB  T7S 1P4

Sunday Liturgies – Saturday at 5:00pm and Sunday at 9:00am
Weekday Liturgies – as announced each week

Knights of Columbus
Phone: 779-3397 (days) 706-2593 (evenings)
Address: 5538 Mink Creek Rd. T7S 1M9
Charitable and fraternal organization of Catholic gentlemen. Meeting held the first Monday of the month at St. Joseph’s Parish meeting room.

Catholic Women's League
Phone: 778-6759
Address: 5538 Mink Creek Rd., T7S 1M9
The Catholic Women’s League is an organization that welcomes women age 16 and older who are interested in contributing to the life and vitality of the Church family and community.


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Whitecourt Baptist Church
Pastor Dwayne Dibben
Phone: 778-3450 (c) 706-2670 (h)
Address: 6240 47 ST/Box 1768, T7S 1P5
Email: wctbc@telusplanet.net
Sunday services and Sunday school held at 10:00 a.m. Refreshments at 11:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome.

Website: www.whitecourtbaptist.com

Whitecourt United Church
Phone: 778-2578 (Ministers Line), 778-2577 (Church Office & Fax)
Address: 5201-50 Street, Box 954, T7S 1N9
Full range of Christian Church Services: worship, sacraments, weddings, funerals, spiritual counselling. Premises available for rental to Community groups. Sunday services begin at 10:30 a.m. Coffee time before and after the service. Sunday school for children available.

Website: Please click here for webpage.

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Ministerial Association
Pastor Dwayne Dibben
Phone 778-3450
Address: 32 Whitecourt Avenue, T7S 1H3

Whitecourt After Five Club
(affiliated with Christian Women's Club)
Contact: Elva Kenyon
Phone: 778-6741
Address: c/o 78 Park Drive, T7S 1S4
After Five presents enjoyable, interesting, and informative features and various guest speakers who share how to find meaning & purpose in life. An all-interdenominational club open to woman of all ages & backgrounds.

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