Al's Sports Quest

Local Sporting Organizations


Cross Country Skiing
Horses, Hunting, Rodeo & Agricultural
Tai Chi and Taekwondo

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Local Sporting Organizations


43 Motor Sport Association
43 Motor Sport Association
Contact Paul Lariviere
Phone 778-6765 or 706-6006 (c)


Outdoor Archery
Contact Blaine Trigg
Phone 778-3044
Contact Mike Bruneau
Phone 778-4898
Address c/o 163 Park Dr., T7S 1R3
Outdoor range located west of Town. 3-D targets available.

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Badminton Club
Badminton Club
Contact Ty Khawaja
Phone 779-9929
Address 2 Merrifield Place T7S 1T3
Drop-in badminton

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Whitecourt Minor Ball Association
Badminton Club
Contact Ty Khawaja
Phone 779-9929
Address 2 Merrifield Place T7S 1T3
Drop-in badminton

Whitecourt Slow Pitch Association
Contact Chris Mifflin
Phone 778-3552
Address Box 1452, T7S 1P3
Adult mixed slowpitch league.

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Basketball Men's
Contact Harvey Bablitz
Phone 778-5816
Address Box 865, T7S 1N8
Drop-in men’s basketball for all playing abilities.

Basketball Women’s
Contact Kris Johnson
Phone 778-3741
Address 8 Park Lane T7S 1S3
Drop-in basketball for women, no cost, informal format, no experience necessary.

Whitecourt Community Basketball League
Contact Gary Mitchell
Phone 778-4873
Address Box 258, T7S 1N4
Community co-ed basketball for ages 9-10 and 11-12.

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Bowling –5 & 10 Pin
Contact Gary & Tammie Schmaltz c/o Millside Place
Address 5116 - 50 Ave., Box 655 T7S 1N6
Phone 778?2917 Fax: 706-2719
Youth Bowling Council of Canada, 55+ Bowling Club, Bowling Proprietors of Canada.

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Whitecourt Junior Chess Club
Contact Brian McDonald
Phone 778-5082
Chess Club meets monthly during the school year. Open to all grades (K-12) and juniors under 19 years of age. Games are rated Active (30 minutes/player). For more information, and a schedule, email or phone Brian.

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Jack Rabbits (Cross Country Skiing)
Jack Rabbits (Cross Country Skiing)
(Children Ages 4-17)
Contact Bernadette Bashuk
Phone 778-2762

Whitecourt Nordic Ranger Ski Club
Contact Peggy Pike
Phone 778-5082

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Whitecourt Curling Club
Contact Ben Wilkinson
Phone 778-4128
Address 68 Sunset Blvd., Box 1776, T7S 1P5
Rentals Dave Evasiuk
Phone 778-2226
Men’s, women’s, mixed and Junior League Curling. Facility rental includes ice surface and/or lounge room for Christmas parties, weddings, etc.

Whitecourt Junior Curling Club
Contact Sophie Vrolson
Phone 778-4532

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Ballroom Dancing
Contact: Anna Gould (780)786-4536
from Beginner to Advanced
So you think you can't dance? Let me prove you wrong!
Two Step, Waltz, Tango Argentino, Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Samba

Moving Arts School of Dance
Contact: Anna Gould (780) 786-4536
Musical Dance Theatre Program with focus on Dance
non-competitive Performances
for Children 2 1/2 years and up
Classes integrate Modern Dance, Ballet, New-Dance, Folklore, Improvisation and Voice

Illusion Dance Co.
Contact Tash Daniels
Phone 778-6661
Address Located downtown behind Terry’s Hairstyling
Offer Jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet and lyrical dance lessons to children, ages 3 years and up.

Square Dancing
Contact Gary Smith, 77-3214
Alex Chiasson, 778-3619

Whitecourt Twirlers – Baton & Jazz
Contact Cindy Requa
Phone 778-3147
Contact Michelle Hebert
Phone 778-8783
Address 5604 – 47A St., T7S 1B2
Recreational dance and baton. Preschool – 45-minute classes grade 1 & 2 – 1-hour classes

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Whitecourt Cats
Contact Gord Chouinard or Kevin Babiuk
Phone 778?2446 (w) Fax 778-8818
Address 71 Sunset Blvd. T7S 1N1
High School football team competing in the Mighty Peace Football League (MPFL).

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Whitecourt Golf & Country Club
Phone 778?3531 / 778-5985 Fax 778-4032
Address Box 1688, T7S 1P5
18 Hole championship golf course. Lounge, pro-shop, group bookings, Christmas parties, lessons, tournaments.

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Whitecourt Gymnastics Club
We are located in the Carlan Resource Centre at 76 Sunset Blvd
PO Box 2516 T7S 2A1
A program for boys and girls ages 3 years and up to enjoy time in the gym while learning gymnastic skills from our certified coaches.

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Co-ed Floor Hockey
Contact Tammy Bell
Phone 778-4693
Come out for play once a week, September to April.

Whitecourt Iron Maidens
Contact Riva Geinger  
Phone 780-779-8301
Ladies recreational hockey league.

Whitecourt Minor Hockey Association
Contact Alan Deane
Address Box 1767, T7S 1P1
Phone 778-5168
To promote and encourage the development of minor hockey in the Whitecourt area. To provide players, volunteers and officials the opportunity to enjoy hockey in a safe, fun and sportsmanlike manner.

Web Site

Whitecourt Ladies Hot Shot’s Hockey
Contact Tricia Dieno
Phone 778-6865

Women’s Hockey Whitecourt Wannabe’s
Contact Tubby Knapp
Phone 778-4589
Address Box 1891, T7S 1P6
Ladies recreational hockey league.

Whitecourt Senators Oldtimer's Hockey
Contact Dave Newbury
Phone 778-2377

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McLeod River Rodeo Association
Contact Bruce Hills
Phone 778-4238
Contact Tina Callihoo
Phone 778-6249
Address Box 1106, T7S 1P1
Rodeo and dance, chariot and chuck wagon races, small carnival for children, food booths, demolition derby.

Whitecourt & District Agricultural Society
Phone: 780-779-4343
Address Box 1183, T7S 1P1
Description Encourages improvement in agriculture and the quality of life for the people living in rural communities by providing programs, courses, events, services and facilities.

Whitecourt & District Agricultural Society Horse Club
Contact Julie Cook
Phone 778-5877
Contact Deanna Rennie
Phone 778-3330
Address Box 2195, T7S 1P8
Our horse club promotes horse activities, trail rides, clinics, training, shows, etc., in our area. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Whitecourt Multi 4-H Club
Shelley Mason
Address Box 1484, T7S 1P3
Phone 778-3065
For children 9 to 12 years, servicing multiple interests.

Whitecourt Fish & Game Association
Contact Tracy Law
Address Box 1484, T7S 1P3
Phone 778-6686
For children 7 to 21 years, servicing multiple interests.

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Whitecourt Wado Kai Karate
Contact Shelley McGregor
Phone 778-8824
Address 44 Atkinson Cres., T7S 1C6
Training in a traditional style of Karate for both children and adults.

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Whitecourt Dog Agility Club
Contact: Karen Marin
Phone: 780.648.2141
We are a dog agility club with a primary focus of preparing dogs and their owners for agility competition, in a relaxed atmosphere,where time spent with their dogs is enjoyable.


Pins and Pine Needles Quilt Guild
Contact: Karen Marin
Phone: 780.648.2141
We are a group of quilters of all skill levels who get together to share ideas and challenge our individual quilting skills by taking part in fun quilting activities.


Whitecourt Ringette Club
Contact Gerry Meyer
Phone 778-6595

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Whitecourt Riverboat (1982) Association
Contact Paddy Stratton Jr.
Phone 778-0388
Contact Kerry Crawford
Phone 778-1465
To book the boat launch area call Dave Bradley at 706-7999
Address Box 1553, T7S 1P4
Upgrades to Riverboat Park and the organization of races and rallies.


Moose Country Runners
Contact Drew Hadfield
Phone 778-5413
Address c/o 58 Park Circle, T7S 1S7
Recreational running and triathlon groups for all running abilities. Group runs twice weekly in the Spring/Summer and Saturdays only in the winter months.

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Whitecourt Skating Club
Contact Drew Hadfield
Phone 778-5413
Address c/o 58 Park Circle, T7S 1S7
Recreational running and triathlon groups for all running abilities. Group runs twice weekly in the Spring/Summer and Saturdays only in the winter months.

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Whitecourt Ropers Skipping Club
Contact Cindy Dennison
Phone 648-2106 Fax 648-2123
Address Box 2113, T7S 1P8
Have fun while experiencing and learning to skip.

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Whitecourt Trailblazers
Whitecourt Trailblazers
Contact Ken Linford
Phone 778-3213
Address Box 607, T7S 1N7
Host one rally per year, maintain trails, and keep snowmobiling open for all users.

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Whitecourt Indoor Soccer
Contact Blake Little
Phone 778-4425

Whitecourt Ladies Soccer League – Travel Team
Contact Erin Tate
Phone 706-2540
Contact Kara Kennedy
Phone 778-4591

Whitecourt Men’s Soccer Club
Contact Keith Davio
Phone 779-0081
Community based competitive men’s Soccer team playing in the Yellowhead Soccer League. Practice Tuesday and Thursday nights, with games held on various nights of the week.

Whitecourt Minor Soccer Association
Rob Pastoor
Phone Number 780 706 1471
Organized soccer league for children of all ages and skill levels.

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Blue Dolphin Swim Club
Contact Sheryl deLeeuw
Phone 778-6924
Address Box 1213, T7S 1P1
A summer, competitive swim club, The Blue Dolphins swim May through August yearly. New swimmers welcome!

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Whitecourt Taekwondo Association
Contact: Jim Rennie Sr.
Phone: 778-3330 / 778-0203
Fax: 778-3710
Address: Box 877, T7S 1N8

Description: Our team of over 20 black belt instructors offer quality martial arts, with a variety of classes for ages 4-7, 8-12 and all ages of adults. Our classes’ specialize in discipline for children, Olympic style sparring, self-defence & more. Beginner’s very welcome.

Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada
Contact: John Horn
Phone: 779-9908

Description: Learn the 108 moves of the Taoist Tai Chi set, also known as a “moving meditation” from an accredited instructor. Build leg strength and balance; loosen tight or sore joints while enjoying a moderate cardiovascular workout. A healthy way to energize and release stress.

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Club Volleyball
Club Volleyball
Contact Rob Wright
Phone 780-778-6933
Description Registered with the Alberta Volleyball Association, Club Volleyball combine males and females in various age levels to compete in a high quality, competitive, amateur environment throughout Alberta. League generally begins in January to prepare for spring AVA league play.

Volleyball Co-ed
Contact Matt Ogrodnick
Phone 780-778-9579
Contact Doreen Opsal
Phone 706-7351
Description Division "A" caters to more competitive players and Division "B" is for those looking for fun and exercise. Come join the fun.

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