Alberta Learning
Address: Commerce Place
10155 - 102 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 4L5
Phone: 427-7219 422-1263 (fax)

Description: General information with regard to learning and education throughout the Province of Alberta.

Central School
Contact: Al Hodgson, Principal
Phone: 778-2136 Fax: 778-5150
Address: 4807 53 Ave., T7S 1N2
Email: central@northerngateway.ab.ca

Description: Elementary school for children in ECS to grade 5.

Central School Association
Contact: Michelle Standish
Phone: 778-6406

Parent team with meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at noon throughout the school year.

Christopher Leadership & Effective Speaking Course
Contact: Jane Evasiuk
Phone: 778-6158
Contact: Jeanne MacMillan
Phone: 778-6503
Email: redchevy@cablerocket.com
Address: c/o 75 Chickadee Dr., T7S 1G2

Description: 10 week course to motivate and build the leader within. Have fun in a positive environment. Enhance speaking skills & become more confident.

Friends of Hilltop/Parent Teacher Association
Contact: Sandy Worobec
Phone: 778-6274

Description: Parental team that meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month throughout the school year.

Hilltop High School
Contact: Jim Govenlock, Principal
Phone: 778-2446 Fax 778-8818
Address: 71 Sunset Blvd., T7S 1N1
Email: reception@hilltophigh.com

Description: Grades 8 through 12.

Hilltop’s Storefront School
Contact: Deb Trinier
Phone: 778-5865 (w) 778-2137 (h)
Fax: 778-2257
Contact: Jim Govenlock
Phone: 778-2446 (Hilltop High School)
Address: 4739 – 50 Ave., Box 779 T7S 1N2

Description: Outreach school that provides an alternative education for students from grade 10 to 12.

Whitecourt Home School Support Group
Contact: Judith Burns
Phone: 780-786-2460
Address: c/o Box 37, Blue Ridge T0E 0B0

Description: We provide information on home schooling to all people interested - beginners to seasoned veterans. We distribute newsletters, plan field trips and other gatherings. We offer a library of resources and provide support and encouragement to others.

Living Waters Catholic Regional Division #42
Contact: Camile Joly, Chairman of Board
Carol Lemay, Superintendent
David Quick, Deputy Superintendent
James Reichenbacher, Associate Superintendent of Business Operations

Phone: 778-5666 778-2727 Fax
Email: clemay@livingwaters.ab.ca
Website: www.livingwaters.ab.ca
Address: Box 1949, 4204 Kepler St., T7S 1P6

Description: Living Waters Catholic Regional Division #42 serves 2339 students. The jurisdiction encompasses the geographic areas served by the Town’s of Hinton, Edson, Whitecourt and Slave Lake; Fox Creek is now a part of the Whitecourt ward but does not have a school.

Northern Gateway Schools
Contact: Superintendent - Dr. Eugene Miller
Chairman - Judy Muir
Secretary/Treasurer – Michael Gramatovich
Director of Instructional Services – Gord Atkinson
Director of Maintenance - Randy Lovich
Director of Student Transportation -
Rhett Czaban (1-888-785-3396)
Phone: 778-2800 Fax: 778-6719
Address: 4104 Kepler St, Box 840 T7S 1N8
Email: learn@northerngateway.ab.ca
Website: www.northerngateway.ab.ca

Description: Northern Gateway services 5700 students from Onoway to Valleyview. We operate 5 schools in the Whitecourt area.

Pat Hardy Elementary School
Contact: Jim Ferguson, Principal
Phone: 778-6266 Fax 778-6760
Email: pathardy@northerngateway.ab.ca
Address: 35 Feero Dr. T7S 1M8

Description: Elementary school for children in ECS to grade 5.

Pat Hardy Parent Advisory Team
Contact: Michelle Pozniak
Phone: 778-8505 Fax 778-6760
Address: 35 Feero Dr., T7S 1M8

Description: Parent team with meetings held monthly at the school library.

Pembina Educational Consortium
Contact: Jackie Smailes
Phone: 778-2000 778-2257 (fax)
Email: pec.wc@pec.ab.ca
Address: 4739-50 Ave. Box 779, T7S 1N8

Description: The Pembina Educational Consortium is committed to adult educational opportunities to meet the needs of our communities. We offer numerous student and public services including college and university programs, distance education, educational information, classroom and computer lab rentals and much more. Your college education is important to us!

Percy Baxter School
Contact: Tim Monds, Principal
Address: #1 Mink Creek Rd., T7S 1S2
Phone: 778-3898 Fax: 778-8416

Description: Located in the downtown area of Whitecourt, Percy Baxter is a modern school built in 1990. Percy serves students in grades 6, 7 & 8, and has a teaching staff of 25 and approximately 12 support staff. Student population is 450 students with 6 classes in each grade.

Percy Baxter Advisory Council
Contact: Sandy Worobec
Phone: 778-6274
Description: Meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month September to June.

St. James Lutheran School
Contact: Joyce Gordon
Phone: 778-8524
Address: 55 Sunset Blvd., T7S 1H5
Email: stjamesl@telus.net

Description: Private school offering a nurturing Christ-centred environment for children while providing them with a quality education. Preschool, ECS and grades 1 and 2.

St. Mary School
Contact: Jere Chisholm, Principal
Phone: 778-2050 Fax: 778-4443
Address: 5630 Mink Creek Rd, T7S1M9
Email: chisjere@lwcrd.ab.ca
Website: www.stmaryschool.ab.ca

Description: A ECS to Grade 3 Catholic School offering various programs to support the needs of our students. Please feel free to contact us. We accept children of all faiths to our school.
Offering French immersion at grade 1 level commencing in 2003.

St. Mary’s Advisory Council
Contact: Jerry Chisholm, Principal
Phone: 778-2050
Address: c/o 5630 Mink Creek Rd, T7S1M9
Email: chisjere@lwcrd.ab.ca

Description: Meet the 1st Tuesday of every month September to June.

St. Joseph School
Contact: Gerald Melanson, Principal
Dan Fuoco, Vice-Principal
Phone: 778-2345 Fax: 778-2008
Address: 3804 47 ST T7S 1M8
Email: melagerr@lwcrd.ab.ca

Description: St. Joseph School enrolls students grade 4 to 12. We enjoy a strong academic program, elementary music program, FSL (French as a second language) and a strong athletic program.

St. Joseph’s School Council
Contact: Rose-May Watson
Phone: 778-2986
Description: An advisory body to the school principal. Meetings are held monthly.

St. Joseph Community Association
Contact: Deb Semmler
Phone: 778-3719 Fax: 778-2008
Address: c/o 3804 47 St T7S 1M8

Description: Parent/Teacher association responsible for fundraising, school spirit activities, etc. Meet once a month.

Support For Adult Learning
Contact: Trista Poffenroth, Administration
Phone: (780) 785-3411 or (780) 459-1900 Edmonton Direct Line
Fax: (780) 785-2359
Address: Box 219, Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0
Email: tpoffenroth@gov.lacsteanne.ab.ca

Description: The Whitecourt/Lac Ste. Anne Support for Adult Learning believes that learning is a lifelong journey and that all individuals have a right to learn. We provide grant funding to member agencies to support adult education opportunities. Information is available by contacting our administration office.

Whitecourt District Preschool
Contact: Please leave a message and a board member will return your call.
778-2251 (School)
Location: 51 Whitecourt Ave. T7S 1H3

Playschool for 3 and 4 year olds.

Write Soon Literacy Society

Phone: (780) 778-5510 Fax: (780) 778-5475
Address: 4923-51 Ave #3, Box 1166, T7S 1P1

Description: We have volunteer tutors who work with adults wishing to improve their reading, writing, spelling and math skills as well as English-as-a-Second Language skills. What Have You Learned Today?