Town Press Release

January 14, 2005 - Woodlands County and the Town of Whitecourt are happy to announce that the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation has forwarded the Spruceview Lodge Expansion Project to Wilson Architects for working drawings in order for the project to proceed to tender.....

......Woodlands County and the Town of Whitecourt are forming a Whitecourt & District Centennial Celebration Committee to plan and develop 2005 Alberta Centennial events for the area. The Centennial Celebration Committee will include 2 County Councillors, 2 Town Councillors, 2 members of the public and Mr. Elmer Harke, Centennial Ambassador. The Town of Whitecourt will be accepting applications for committee positions from the public until 12:00 noon on February 9, 2005. For more information about the Whitecourt & District Centennial Celebration Committee, visit the Town website at www.whitecourt.ca