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The Graham Acres facility is located on Flats Road in Whitecourt. The six fenced diamonds include a fully operational canteen facility, public washrooms with running water and plenty of parking.

With the spring thaw and warmer weather comes busier ball diamonds as Whitecourt Slo-Pitch battle it out for local baseball supremacy.

The local league, part of the Slo-Pitch Canada national league is an adult slo-pitch association which runs from mid to late April and ends in June. It usually consists of around 24 to 26 teams of a diverse age group. While a player has to be 18-years-old to play, or have parental permission if younger, the age category for the league is vast.

The season typically runs Monday through Thursday however, there are various weekend tournaments held throughout the season and during July and August. Teams get to play 40 games throughout the season, often more than one night per week.

The league forms an executive each year who then organize the team divisions and scheduling according to level of play and sets up a game schedule for the season for each division.

Currently town residents Darlene Chartrand and Al Briand run the league executive, but are looking for more to volunteer. "It is a good time and the league accommodates what you want to get from the sport, whether it be a social activity or for competition," says Char-trand. Whitecourt is also 45 minutes away from Edson, the Slo-pitch capital of Canada and home to the Kinsmen Slo-Pitch Tournament, "the largest of its kind on the planet". As such, Whitecourt does participate in the 256 team tournament every year in late July at Vision Park's 24 diamonds.

For more information on the league, please contact Darlene Chartrand at 778-6070.