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CARSON LAKE: Rainbow. Go 6.5 km northwest ol'Whitecourt, about 8.5- km north of the 'y' in the road. take the right fork, 4.8-km further to the lake.

OUTRANK LAKE: Walleye perch. 16-km north of Grande Prairie. 22.5-
km west on Emmerson Trail. 6.4-km south and 1.6-km east.

EMERALD LAKE: Rainbow, brook. About 3.2-km north of Carson
Lake on the north side.

I0SEGEN LAKE: Perch, pike, walleye and whitefish. About 8-km
northeast of Fox Creek.


LAURA LAKE: Rainbow, brook. Northwest of Carson Lake to Pegasus
Lake. then first road to the right that dead-ends at a wellsite. A short hiking trail leads lo the lake.

LONG LAKE: Rainbow, grayling. 106-km south of Grande Prairie and 1.6 km walk.

MEEKWAP LAKE: Pike. perch. 40.3-km north of Fox Creek and hike
that last 1.6-km.

MUSREAU LAKE: Rainbow. 85.5- km south of Grande Prairie.

PEGASUS LAKE: Pike. whitefish. 1.6-km northeast of Carson Lake.


SMOKE LAKE: Pike, walleye. perch and whitefish. Left on Highway
43, 6 miles north of Fox Creek, then 8.5-km southwest to the lake.

SPRING LAKE: Rainbow. 25.7-km north of Hythe on Proctor and Gamble Road.

STURGEON LAKE: Perch, pike. walleye and whitefish. 19-km west of

TWO LAKES: Rainbow. About 129-km west of Grande Prairie (north
and south).


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