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What is it?

An engineered tool that gives you proper weld gap and level both ways when installing thread-o-lets, sock-o-lets and couplings 1/2" to 2".

Where is it Used?

It is designed for use on all sizes of vessels, tanks, pressure piping (nuclear, conventional) industrial hydraulics, pipeline (hot tapping), petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, shipbuilding and more.

What Does it do For You?

It increases productivity and accuracy HANDS FREE!

  • No longer is there the problem of errors caused by guessing the gap.
  • Stray arc marks are virtually eliminated
  • Work piece is electrically insulated from the tool

Easy Steps to Set Up

  • Thread or tack weld fittings onto stub of pipe (for S.O.L. use a small piece of tape on pipe and push into socket.)
  • Insert into tool
  • Set on pipe
  • Gap fitting
  • Level tool
  • and its ready (install two small tacks, then remove tool for welding.)

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This tool is endorsed by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and Keyano College! It is used by many welders and fitters in the Alberta Oil Patch.
PATENTS: U.S.: 6161296 & CAN.: 2215429