Multi-Use Facility Survey


Feb 18, 2005 - A survey regarding Whitecourt's Multi-Use Facility Project will be conducted in early March. The Town of Whitecourt and Woodlands County have contracted Banister Research and Consulting Inc. to develop, conduct and analyze a telephone survey....

.....In order to provide both Councils with a statistically accurate sample of the community, the survey will involve 400 randomly selected participants. The survey is expected to last approximately 10 minutes and will include a variety of questions pertaining to the future of the multi-use facility project. Survey results will be available in early April.

The Town has compiled conceptual designs and information regarding each of the options to be discussed in the survey. The information will be available to the public on the Town website, www.whitecourt.ca, the Whitecourt Star, and at the Community Services Department at the Town Office.

The three options identified in the survey are:
1. Construction of a new fieldhouse as a stand-alone facility with modernization to the existing pool and arenas.
2. Construction of a new fieldhouse and pool at a new location with modernization to the Twin Arenas.
3. Construction of a new fieldhouse with the existing pool and arenas with modernization to the existing facilities

Whitecourt Town Council encourages all members of the community to inform themselves on the issues surrounding this project and to participate in the telephone survey if selected.