Town Press Release

January 12, 2005 - Whitecourt Town Council discussed the highly anticipated Multi-Use Facility project at the Council Meeting held on January 10, 2005. Council reviewed the most recent report produced by the Community Services Department and Barr Ryder Architects & Planners......

......The report is a compilation of recent cost information provided by Barr Ryder Architects in regards to various identified project options, and includes a summary of previous information developed by Barr Ryder and others over the past year. Town Council passed a motion to refer this report to the Joint Issues Committee for recommendation on how best to acquire public input. The Joint Issues Committee is made up of three Whitecourt Town Councillors and three Woodlands County Councillors. The Multi-Use Facility Report is available to the public on the Town website at www.whitecourt.ca.

Whitecourt Town Council, in partnership with Woodlands County, will be contributing $20,000 to the Whitecourt & District Chamber of Commerce towards a Feasibility Study & Tourism Implementation Action Plan.

The Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nations will host the 2005 Native Canadian Fastball Championships in Whitecourt this summer. The tournament is scheduled for July 28 to August 1, 2005, at Graham Acres Recreation Area. The event will feature approximately 52 men's and women's fastball teams from across Canada, as well as a variety of cultural and special events. The Town of Whitecourt will be a member of the event's Organizing Committee, as well as be involved in facility preparations and maintenance, and possibly assist with the coordination of cultural events and event administration.

Whitecourt Town Council has approved an additional $150,000 of conditional funding to the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation for the Spruceview Lodge Expansion Project. The project is a Centennial Legacies project, and includes a renovation and expansion of the current facility.

Whitecourt Town Council approved a motion to assist in the care of trees granted to non-profit organizations by the Alberta Environment's Centennial Tree Program. Council has committed to assisting in the care of all Centennial trees granted through the program, provided that arrangements are made with Town for the trees to be planted in community parks and school grounds. Applications for the Alberta Environment's Centennial Tree Program are available at the Town Office.